Wallet | Hazel


A slim wallet that fits in your suit’s chest pocket. It contains 5 card holders and a money clip to keep your stack of bank notes neatly together. No space for coins, because... who wants to keep coins anyway? It is made from thin bridle leather, and lined with minerva leather in a natural tone. Size: 11.5 x 9.5 x 0.7 cm. Available in Hazel and Black. 

Ganzo creates perfect leather accessories, without any compromises. Established in 1917 as AJIOKA JUNTARO in Tokyo, Japan, their brand stamp states: This product will bring you eternal pleasure. The refined products are made by the hands of takumi, expert makers who are well-versed in Japanese culture and techniques. Ganzo advertises with “old” products, to demonstrate that their items only get more beautiful after many years of use. The Hand is proud to be the first European stockist to sell Ganzo!