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Norman Vilalta


1202 Heritage Collection | Oxford Cap Toe Full Brogue | Black


This Oxford Cap Toe with a stunning Full Brogue is part of the 1202 Heritage Collection by Norman Vilalta. It’s classified as semi-bespoke, which means that all of the steps and processes – clicking, closing, lasting, welting, making, and finishing – are executed entirely by hand, which is the exact same way in which a bespoke pair of shoes are made.

The only difference is that the lasts used in the 1202 Heritage Collection are Norman’s ready-to-wear lasts. So, for those with regular feet who don’t require your own last, the 1202 Heritage Collection is the perfect way to swiftly receive a pair of shoes that are entirely handmade as there’s no need for multiple consultations and fittings. This is something very few shoemakers in the world are prepared to offer customers, and we’re honored to be able to offer customers of The Hand this unique opportunity they won’t find elsewhere.