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Edward Green


Kentmere | Bronze Antique


Kentmere: your sturdy, classic, rugged field boot. Take this pair outdoors; make sure it sees rain and mud. Then brush it off and don't be shy to wear it in the city. The buckled strap makes Kentmere a powerful choice. The fit is the most precise we know.

Bronze Antique Calf is a Cameleon color; depending on its surroundings and your outfit, it leans towards green, brown, or grey. Equipped with a British-made ridgeway sole, 360 degrees Goodyear with storm welt and bellows tongue: this boot is ready to brave the elements. On the 72 with a harmoniously rounded toe, the perfect last for this boot. It is featuring black buckles. A matching belt is available.

This Kentmere is for the acquired taste. For those who have it all already and are looking for more depth in their collection. Or, for those who want to step up their game, start with a less common, more refined choice.

This stunning pair was featured as a The Hand x Edward Green limited offer. The pre-order window has closed, but you can still secure your pair as an MTO. The Hand's team is always available for personal advice. We are keen to hear about your individual requirements and look forward to helping you navigate through the available options.

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