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Baudoin & Lange


Watts | Suede | Snuff

$548.00 $913.00
Meet Watts in Snuff Suede, an iconic Jodhpur Boot from The Grand Collection by Baudoin & Lange.

It is a modern interpretation of the Jodhpur boot, which polo players in 1920s India first wore and soon thereafter became a fashion hit in the rest of the world. Conceptually revisited by Baudoin & Lange's Studio from a contemporary angle, the Watts bridges East and West, lineage and modernity. It is named after Alan Watts, eastern philosophy scholar.

The side-attached and elasticated buckles allow for a swifter, deliberate fastening. As versatile as it gets, you can wear this boot with anything from denim to a navy suit.

The Hand exclusively features "The Grand Collection" by Baudoin & Lange. Experience the considered design, extreme comfort, relaxed elegance, and high level of craftsmanship it offers.