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All Hands On Deck For 2022

The beginning of each new year always moves at a frenetic pace. Not only do we need to switch our brains back into gear, which is never easy after an indulgent amount of time off, but there’s always so much to do, plan and strategise. Then, there’s all the meetings that are required – whether they’re on Zoom, or, in Dennis’ case in Paris!

We’re feeling overwhelmingly positive that this year is going to be our best one yet, and we’re so excited to now have our many plans, projects and events firmly set in the pipeline. As a taster, we’re hosting Edward Green for a trunk show on March 25th and 26th, and will be offering slots for a special GMTO experience. Then, we will have Gaziano & Girling, another exemplary English shoemaker, with us for a special trunk show which will take place in the shop. The date is still yet to be determined, but we will update you in due course. In addition, we’re planning to refresh our current RTW collections from Edward Green, Gaziano & Girling and Norman Vilalta with some new and very exciting styles.

As mentioned earlier, Dennis was recently in Paris meeting potential new accounts. Whilst we are still talking with many, we’re incredibly pleased to announce that Corthay, the dazzling Parisian bespoke shoemaker, will be available to shop at The Hand very soon. Founded in 1990 by Pierre Corthay who was at the time just 27-years-old, his namesake brand has garnered a reputation for having such a unique design language with its sharp and chiselled toes and stunning patina work that together epitomise French flair. In 2008, Pierre received the distinction of "Master of Art" shoemaker for men from the French Minister of Culture, and still to this day he is the sole holder.

On the logistics side of the business, this year we’re committed to doing our part in reducing our environmental impact and have therefore started to use DHL’s Express Go Green service. This centres around a carbon-offset scheme in which we absorb the additional costs for this as a small contribution towards a greener future. On the topic of shipping, we’ve also signed up to deliver DDP now to our overseas customers. It’s never a nice surprise when you receive a hefty bill for shipping and import duties, and now you don’t need to fear that from us!

Across our expanding portfolio, we believe that comfort will remain as the key quality shoe connoisseurs will be looking for this year. Whether that’s via unlined loafers or boots with rubber soles, and ones of a similar nature. In many ways we have the pandemic to thank for this shift in tastes, but we do believe that style would prevail as being the most crucial aspect in footwear. What’s more, we hope that colour will be warmly embraced. The pandemic has been a dark period for all mankind, and adding a bit of colour into the world will be no bad thing. So, while black and brown options will always have their place, we encourage you this year to consider other options. We don’t mean go all out and wear red! On the contrary, think about beautiful taupes and subtle greens.

If you’re in Amsterdam this year, please do visit us. Alternatively, you can also schedule a video call! We love meeting new people and exchanging ideas and discussing our passion for high-end shoemaking. As always, if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always here to help.

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead!

Dennis and Eveline

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