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Meet the Team

Dennis Eveline The Hand

Dennis van de Water – Co-Founder of The Hand

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In Dennis’ opinion, nothing makes him feel more confident and complete than wearing a high-end pair of shoes. Each morning, he evaluates what’s ahead of him – from meetings to the weather and how he’s generally feeling – and dresses accordingly from the feet upwards. Most men start by picking out what suit to wear before then deciding on what pair of shoes, so Dennis’ approach isn’t particularly normal. However, there aren’t many men in the world who are as passionate about shoes as Dennis. There’s little that excites him more than the hand-sculpted lines and artisanal details, which are elements of high-end shoemaking that he can wax lyrical upon for days (and even weeks!).

Dennis’ favourite style: Loafers!

Eveline van de Water-Roks – Co-Founder of The Hand

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From Bangkok to Nairobi, Eveline has lived all over the world. However, it’s Amsterdam that’s her forever home and it brings her immense joy on a daily basis to live and work in such a culturally-rich city that somehow balances serenity with an always-cool buzz. She describes her home as having a charming “shabby chic” sense of style that’s effortlessly elegant and cool and this is reflected in many of the styles that she’s curated at The Hand. When she’s able to have some downtime from the family and business, she likes to take a few moments and walk along the many canals, as the view never gets old.

Eveline’s favourite style: Boots!