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Gaziano & Girling x The Hand: Our New GMTO Collaboration

We’ve launched a special GMTO collaboration with Gaziano & Girling for this FW22 season. As such, we thought it would be apt to briefly dive into the story of this esteemed English shoemaker that’s renowned for having a distinct design language.

Gaziano & Girling was founded in 2006 by the gentlemanly duo of Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling following their respective tenures at Edward Green and George Cleverly. As you’d expect, thanks to such a fine education from two equally esteemed shoemakers, their joint venture soon had the attention of high-end shoemaking connoisseurs around the world. This is because what Tony and Dean presented was entirely different to what English shoes had consistently looked like. Their creations combined the best of English shoemaking, with exceptional craftsmanship and finishing, and the Italian way, with elongated and Art Deco-inspired lasts matched with striking materials.

In Dennis’ opinion, the most impressive artisanal touch across the range is the hand-stitched apron seen on the Savile, which is a single buckle monk strap in black hatch grain leather. If you’re looking to upgrade your business attire, this is for you – it’s confident, sleek and stylish! That said, the bevelling of the waist on the Strand is also outstanding for a ready-to-wear Oxford shoe.

It should come as no surprise then that we’ve always been fond of Gaziano & Girling as it’s a young brand that has artisanal qualities that rival heritage bespoke shoemakers. As a result, we’re pleased to announce an exciting GMTO experience for FW22. We know what you’re thinking, ‘spring has only just arrived!’ but the lead times to create Gaziano & Girling’s London Boot (their take on the Jodphur boot) and Urban Commando (a Derby-style military boot) are roughly four to five months. All good things come to those who wait, right?

Our exclusive London Boot will come on the brand’s DG70 last which has a slightly rounded toe and we’ve opted to use a delightful sandstone suede. It will feature a double leather sole, tapered towards the heel, plus a Cuban heel, which we think gives it a bit of a rock n roll edge! Last but by no means least, the Urban Commando boot, which is one of Gaziano & Girling’s iconic styles, comes on the Deco-square last which has a square toe. It also has a chunky commando sole and a dazzling criollo patina. There aren’t many boots that are better equipped at tackling the throes of a harsh winter than this one – for us, it’s a must-have.

Please note that the closing date for orders of our GMTO collaboration will be June 30th which gives you plenty of time to find some space in your wardrobe!

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