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A Spring In Our Step: SS22 at The Hand

Spring is finally here in Amsterdam, and we couldn’t be happier. For us, the season begins with what we call ‘Rokjesdag’ – it literally translates to ‘skirt day’ – which unofficially invites women to wear skirts (and men to wear shorts!) in and around the city. That’s not the only sign of the change in seasons, though, as there are many more. From the cheerful pink Japanese blossom trees in Bloesempark to the streets that are filled with people enjoying a drink and bite to eat outside their favourite bars, the atmosphere in Amsterdam is nothing but convivial following a dreary winter with yoyoing restrictions.

For us at The Hand, the sentiment is shared. We’re thrilled to now see customers on a more regular basis and throw events trunk shows. However, what we are most excited about is how we no longer have to wear heavy-duty footwear,, but instead comfortable and breathable summer shoes, and we have many new styles and brands in for this season’s collection.

“I’m mostly looking forward to wearing loafers, loafers and loafers,” is Dennis’ straightforward point of view on the season ahead! “They have elegance, flair and ease, which is all that you need when the sun comes out again.” Loafers have become the most popular style of classic footwear in recent years for they provide the perfect midway point between formal and casual. They also come into a world of their own in the warmer months, as you’re able to expose a little more skin (and thus stay a little bit cooler) around your ankles and you can wear them with shorts if you’re so inclined.

When it comes to our range of loafers, Edward Green proudly dominates the selection and this season we’ve introduced a considerable amount of new styles in addition to stock replenishments. “The Montpellier is my unexpected favourite,” says Eveline of the new unlined loafer on the 184 last. “It has a classic and elegant pattern but is robust due to leather and thanks to the cognac tone, it stands out from the ordinary. It’s an understated eye-catcher!”. If cognac leather isn’t quite to your taste, there are a number of tasteful butter-soft suede options, such as the Polperro in sage green (new for this season), sand, and navy, all of which are unlined for added comfort on those upcoming warm days. If you wish for a loafer that has a little bit more structure, you should look no further than the Piccadilly in raw umber suede which will pair wonderfully with denim and neutral trousers and shorts.

Whilst Edward Green is a long-standing partner of ours, we’re also excited to announce that this season we will welcome two new brands into The Hand family (please note that the arrival dates are TBC). First up is Baudoin & Lange, a relatively new maker that’s renowned for its Belgian loafers which are a summer staple. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that Baudoin & Lange is responsible for the style’s immense popularity in recent years. “In our opinion, they’re the best in terms of design – especially The Grand collection which we’re carrying – and comfort. The designs are perfectly balanced and proportioned and had a classic yet contemporary flair,” says Dennis.

The second brand is Corthay, which will fill the gap of not having a French shoemaker at The Hand. There aren’t many makers that have such a distinct design language as Corthay with its elongated lasts, exceptional attention to detail and Parisian flair with dazzling patina work. If you’re familiar with Corthay, you’ll be pleased to know that we will be stocking the icons: the Arca (both as a monk strap and a Derby) and Bella, the dramatic ankle-high Chelsea boot. Each one is without question a work of art, they’re like wearable sculptures. We will be running a MTO programme with Corthay, so if there’s something specific that you desire, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Overall, we hope you are as excited about the next few months ahead as we are. Autumn and winter both have their moments, but I think you’d all agree that there aren’t nearly as many as the spring and summer seasons. What we wear on our feet says a lot about who we are on that chosen day, and so how we approach construction, lightness and colour are a few ways in which we can help ourselves feel that little bit freer.

As always, if you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch as we’d love to hear from you!

Explore our SS22 collection, here.

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