About The Hand

The Hand is an industry-leading boutique for luxury men's shoes. We feature iconic shoes of superior quality, handmade by the world's most distinguished craftspeople. Timeless pieces that get even more beautiful as they are worn in, and will last you a lifetime. The Hand's team is always available for personal fitting advice, either online, at our Boutique in Amsterdam, at private appointments or at lively, inspiring events.

The Hand sells bespoke, made-to-order and ready-to-wear shoes from eight shoemakers, each representing a distinct heritage and philosophy within the world of luxury shoemaking: Edward Green (UK), Gaziano & Girling (UK), Norman Vilalta (Spain), TLB Artista (Spain), Santoni (Italy), Carlos Santos Handgrade (Portugal), Riccardo Freccia Bestetti (Italy) and Mario Bemer (Italy).

Founder Dennis van de Water is always keen to hear about your individual requirements and to advise you personally for your bespoke and made-to-order shoes. He also curated a ready-to-wear collection which you can explore now in The Hand's shop.

Dennis van de Water - Founder The Hand

To complement these lines, The Hand features exclusive handmade leather accessories and care products: matching and exotic belts by Santa Trinita (Italy), leather goods by Ganzo (Japan) and natural shoe-care products by Turms (Italy). Socks by Breciani (Italy) and bespoke umbrellas by Francesco Maglia (Italy) provide the finishing touch.

The Hand is based in Amsterdam, visit our boutique at Willemsparkweg 71. We offer worldwide shipping to serve our customers around the globe. We are available for private fittings and events in and beyond Europe upon request.

The Hand celebrates contemporary leather classics, the people who craft them, and the people who wear them.


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