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Cashmere on your feet: Spring and Summer are all about unlined shoes. What makes unlined shoes stand out? And how are they made?


Unlined shoes explained

Dennis explains: “Unlined means that there is no lining in the shoe. Unlined shoes offer plenty of support, they are constructed and have a toecap and a heel cap. But they are softer than shoes with a lining, which makes them extra comfortable.” Unlined shoes are getting increasingly popular, Dennis notices. “They do not require breaking in, our clients appreciate that.”


Unlined Collection

Only the best shoemakers can create unlined shoes. Edward Green is a specialist in unlined shoes and offers a range of options, including the iconic models Dover, Polperro, and Shanklin. Gaziano & Girling offers stunning Capri.

Polperro Edward Green Unlined Loafer

The best leather

"Regular" lined shoes have strength built-in: the upper is thick and reinforcement pieces can be placed between the lining and the outer leather. You don't have that option when you make an unlined shoe. So a very good piece of leather needs to be used to achieve a good result.

Capri Gaziano Girling Unlined Loafer

Dennis explains: "The lower backside of the best quality hide will be used. This part has a regular structure which ensures that the Craquelé is very fine-meshed. Due to this fineness, the shoe is also more durable in comparison to cheaper shoes where the fracture is coarse and therefore less durable. The leather from this part of the hide is a lot smoother but also a lot stronger. This may seem like a contradiction, but in fact, it is not."

Edward Green Shanklin Chukka Unlined Boot


During the production process, the uppers have to be put on the last with great care and attention. Usually, talc is used on the uppers to place them on the last even more precisely. The production process takes a little longer in comparison with lined shoes. Dennis: "The longer the shoe is on the last, the better it will take on the shape of the last. As a result, the shoe is a lot more precise at the foot."

Dover Edward Green Unlined

Your summer companion

While a precise fit can initially be experienced as uncomfortable with a lined shoe, this is not the case with unlined shoes. There is an immediate feeling of comfort because they are soft. Thin, comfortable, and stylish: unlined shoes are perfect for summer. Pack your bags and go out exploring.

Photos and videos by The Hand


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