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Your footwear guide for the festive season!

Your footwear guide for the festive season!

It's hard to believe that the festive season is drawing in close – how we're not quite sure, as this year seems to have flown by at an unprecedented speed as not too long ago, we were talking about Edward Green's unlined Picaddily loafer! We're not complaining, though, as this pleasingly busy period leading up to New Year is one of jubilation. We're brought together in numerous ways; absent family members come back into the loving fold, out-of-office hours with colleagues provide memorable, let-you-hair-down moments, and the merry evenings spent with dear friends over sumptuous glasses of Glühwein make the subsequent hangovers worthwhile. 

Seeing how dynamic this period is, there are many scenarios in which appropriate footwear becomes necessary. This is for many reasons. Firstly, the weather (depending on where you are, of course), as marching through a Christmas market with the kids on icy surfaces in non-Vibram soles, could be dangerous. Then, there's the requirement to look the part and dress correctly at black-tie parties and social events. 

With that said, we've put together a few likely scenarios that you might find yourself in this period and offer a handful of styles of shoes and boots to go with them with words of accompanying wisdom from our co-founder Dennis.

Christmas markets with the kids

For obvious reasons, there's nothing quite like a Christmas market – they're chaotic but in the best way possible. Adults and children enjoy them equally, and wandering through the markets is a blissful experience, apart from the areas that are hard to navigate, with snow or ice presenting a potential hazard. The simple trick here is to wear boots with rubber soles to provide grip and traction over challenging terrain and help keep your feet warm. 

"My go-to boot for Christmas markets will be the Edward Green's Govan in iron waxed suede. It's a robust and sturdy-looking boot, and the waxed suede can, if you like, be very low in maintenance. They also have Dainite rubber soles, which provide excellent grip across all kinds of terrain. I'll pair them with denim jeans or cotton chinos, heavy and colourful cashmere knitwear with an overcoat on top for a casual and comfortable look." 

In addition, Gaziano & Girling's Thorpe and Norman Vilalta's Robert Chukka will provide the same resolute stability and classic style. 


Dinner with your significant other 

With all the entertaining and hectic social occasions with colleagues and friends, a quiet, one-on-one dinner with your significant other will provide a sense of bliss away from the chaos. Not only that, but it also allows you to dress up a little and put in some effort to please your date. But what to wear? 

"Something with a sharp silhouette, of course! A dazzling patina is one thing, but the intricate details are difficult to see when there's only candlelight. So, Gaziano & Girling's Savile single-buckle monk strap will be my go-to shoe. However, I will swap it out for a model by Stefano Bemer, which we will be available to shop soon."

You can also look at Corthay's Arca Bucke in ebony for a similar effect, as the last shape is striking, whilst the hand-painted patina is a thing of artistic beauty. 


Black tie and cocktail parties

No period of the year has more black-tie events than the festive season, and that's one primary reason why it's such a fun few weeks. So whether it's a formal dinner, an intimate party at home to welcome in the New Year or a slightly dressed-down cocktail affair, Baudoin & Lange (read our interview with its co-founder Bo Van Langeveld here) provides all that you'll need in the footwear department, according to Dennis.

"Its elegant appearance and fine suedes and leathers make it the choice for a Christmas cocktail party or similar events. You can wear them with chinos, tailored trousers, and black tie. Of course, ensure they're appropriately shined or brushed – and we have all the shoe-cleaning accoutrements from Turms!" 

Several models from Baudoin & Lange are black tie-appropriate, but for something different, you could try Maison Corthay's Arca in gunmetal


A needed catch-up with friends

With all the time spent with the family and kids to one-on-one dinners with your other half and must-attend parties, you'll want to relax with your friends this festive season over winter-warming cocktails and hearty red wines (or both!). 

"For casual drinks with friends, always go for comfort! For that, my pick would be a pair of classic boots, such as Edward Green's Galway in rosewood country calf – after all, you never know how long drinks might last, and before you know it, you'll be dancing the night (and morning) away! The other option would be via the comfort of a loafer with a thin rubber sole, like Edward Green's Picadilly in dark brown London Grain leather, which gives that instant flair and relaxed look once you slip in." 

In addition, Norman Vilalta's Frank Derby in dark brown ticks all the boxes; comfortable and sturdy, with a classic shape and style.


We wish you well for the coming weeks, and, as always, if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to help!


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