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Introducing Norman Vilalta’s 1202 Collection

We’re extremely excited to help our dear friend Norman Vilalta with the re-launch of his 1202 Heritage Collection, which is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive ranges of made-to-order shoes we’ve ever laid eyes on.

For those who aren’t familiar with Norman, he’s a bespoke shoemaker who’s garnered a reputation for doing things differently (and incredibly well, too). He’s from Patagonia, Argentina, originally, where he was a qualified lawyer, who moved to Florence to learn the art of bespoke shoemaking with Stefano Bemer himself, and then relocated to Barcelona where he set up his eponymous business.

Norman’s shoes are distinctly unique in their aesthetics, which is quite a feat given the saturated market of high-end classic shoemaking. He’s known for his love of lightweight Vibram soles that add heaps of character to finely-made uppers with striking lines. Not only that, but his patina work is something to behold and it underlines his dedication to creating shoes that are truly special and are akin to works of art. The culmination of those characteristics are a few of many reasons as to why Norman is such a fantastic contributor to high-end shoemaking, as he has introduced a certain flair that the industry was lacking.

At The Hand, we have the pleasure of carrying several of Norman’s shoes; however, we want to bring your attention to the 1202 Heritage Collection as it’s simply astonishing. It’s classified as semi-bespoke, which means that all of the steps and processes – clicking, closing, lasting, welting, making and finishing – are executed entirely by hand, which is the exact same way in which a bespoke pair of shoes are made.


The only difference is that the lasts used in the 1202 Heritage Collection are Norman’s ready-to-wear lasts. So, for those of you with regular feet and don’t require your own last, the 1202 Heritage Collection is the perfect way in which to swiftly receive a pair of shoes that are entirely handmade as there’s no need for multiple consultations and fittings. This is something very, very few shoemakers in the world are prepared to offer customers, and we’re honoured to be able to offer customers of The Hand this unique opportunity they won’t find elsewhere.


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