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Sale and Discounts at The Hand

Sale and Discounts at The Hand

When is your sale? Can I get a discount? While some of our clients couldn't care less, others keep asking us the price question. This blog explains how we look at Sale and Discounts at The Hand, and outlines what you can expect.


Our shoes don't deserve to be on sale

We offer shoes made with a tremendous amount of skill and passion by the best craftspeople the world has to offer. They might not be cheap from an absolute perspective, but they are worth every penny of the full price. Our makers have spent many hours of handwork on them, and the result radiates quality and luxury.
We want to stay far away from mass production and consumerism; we have built our business on values opposite of that.

Handwork by shoemaker

We focus on the right match, not on pushing items out

Our collection of shoes is carefully composed of iconic pairs with a timeless quality. Our shoes won't be outdated next year, or even in the years after that. We do not need to hurry to sell them, as we know we will find the right match between client and shoes at some point in time. And we feel we owe it to the shoes, the makers, and our clients, to go for that right match instead of hurrying through collections to keep pushing new items out.

Edward Green Dover

The luxury of time

To us, time is a new luxury. Once you have bought a pair of shoes from The Hand, you will enjoy them for a very long time, decades, if you treat them well. The time the maker spends crafting your shoes, the time you spend selecting them, and the time you will enjoy your pair are all part of this cycle.

Handpainting the sole at TLB Mallorca

Specialist in Made-to-Order

The Hand has a strong focus on made-to-order shoes for the same reasons: we aim for the perfect match for our clients, and it often is worth the wait. We love to inspire our clients with the wide range of possibilities out there and create something unique together. This way, men wearing The Hand shoes feel like the best version of themselves!

Our three reasons for sale or discounts

Sometimes, we do have a period of sale or a discount on a specific collection. Let's explain the when and why.

1: Promotions initiated by our Makers  for sale or discounts

If our makers offer a specific promotion, we regularly match that. We collaborate closely with our makers; we respect them tremendously as partners, artisans and friends. From that perspective, it simply makes sense to unite in "regular" prices, as well as in promotions.

Norman Vilalta Derby Simple U Tip

2: End of line sale

We sometimes do offer selected items at a discount in our end of line sales. We aim to keep our collection compact, and we want to refresh our offer, especially for returning clients. This means that sometimes, we discontinue specific models. We offer the last items at a discount to make space for the new ones. Sometimes our collaboration with a shoemaker comes to an end, for example, because we are moving into different directions, business- or collection-wise. This is why you will currently find Bestetti and Mario Bemer shoes on sale.
Our end of line sale is a unique opportunity to buy pieces of extraordinary quality at a reduced price. Please remember that most models don't make it to the end of line sale, and our dates do not necessarily follow the "sales season" of high street shops.

Galway will never be on sale!

3: Special promotions

Our favourite discounts are the unique promotions we offer several times a year. You can think of Events, Trunk Shows, Pre-orders, Group Made-to-Orders (GMTOs), Limited Editions, and Special Collaborations, to name a few. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for the good stuff!

The Hand collection of iconic shoes




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