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Edward Green


Dover | Unlined | Suede | Clove

CHF 1,263.00

Clove suede is an exceptionally striking material described as a deep polo suede with a rusty, or even a slightly coppery, hue. Depending on the lighting, it frequently appears different, further enhancing its allure. Due to the delicacy of this colour, we’ll return this sample to Edward Green so the people selecting the hides within the workshop pick the same colour range.

The Dover is arguably Edward Green’s most iconic creation that’s instantly recognisable via the split toe. It’s a construction detail that’s incredibly labour intensive, as it requires highly skilled craftsman to slowly sew together two pieces of leather by hand with a boar’s bristle. This particular model has been made using a mole suede, which has a light sandy hue, on the shoemaker’s 202 last with single rubber R1 sole.

Thanks to its unlined construction, it’s noticeably lighter and more comfortable than lined versions, and as a result, it can be worn throughout the seasons. With its rusty, or even coppery hue, these will pair particularly chic when paired with light grey flannels or cream corduroys. A matching belt is available upon request. 

The cut-off point for GMTO orders is Tuesday, October 31st, and we expect delivery in May/June next year. To register your interest, please buy your unlined Piccadilly and/or Dover online (insert product link to website) or contact us through WhatsApp (+31 6 46 96 33 86) or email