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Saint Crispin's


Tassel Loafer | Suede | Cream | 642

CHF 1,419.00

This is Saint Crispin’s take on the timeless tassel loafer. Crafted using a delicious cream suede that’s multi-seasonal and versatile, it’s formed on the maker’s signature Classic last, which boasts a softly rounded toe that’s charming and easy to wear. The tassels are slightly exaggerated, creating a point of intrigue. Meanwhile, the roping along the shoes is intricate and small, denoting impeccable craftsmanship. The split toe is achieved using a boar’s bristle, and the leather soles feature contrasting pegs, a neat reminder that these loafers are entirely handmade. 

Please note: The Saint Crispin’s for The Hand shoes are all MTO. The beauty of this partnership is that customisation is at the heart of Saint Crispin’s. If you wish for a different leather, or to change the colour of the eyelets, this is entirely possible. The shoes take approximately two months to make, which is extremely quick given the high level of craftsmanship. There is even an express option should you wish to pay more. Each pair comes with lasted shoe trees.