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Complete Shoe Care Kit for Leather


This complete shoe care kit is the 'all you need to have' for your leather shoes. 

This metal Tin (dimensions 26 x 14 x 8 cm) contains: 1 big horsehair shoe brush; 2 polish brushes, one rounded for cream and the other for wax; 1 welt brush, the area where the upper meets the sole; 1 cotton cloth for hand-finishing; 1 foldable travel shoe horn made of brass and real leather (hand-painted); 1 glass jar containing 100 ml all-purpose cleaner and leather conditioner cream; 1 aluminium tin containing 75 ml wax.

Turms was founded in 1962 and quickly gained a reputation for its masterful woodworking, creating the perfect wooden lasts for prestigious Italian shoe brands. Building on their knowledge of woodworking and shoes, Samuele and his brothers and sisters created a line of premium shoe care kits about a decade ago. In Montegranaro, Italy, they craft the highest quality handmade cases and brushes. Their polishes and sprays are carefully composed of natural ingredients and provide the best way of caring for your shoes. As an added bonus, they smell sumptuous too!