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The Hand


Voucher for various repairs


Take good care of your shoes and they will last you a lifetime! With this voucher, you are buying shoe shining & shoe repair credits, which can be used for any repairs you might need (e.g. resoling, shoe shining, steel tips, heels, laces, insoles) in the coming year.

Starters Pick €100,-
Medium Pick €250,- get a 5% discount on all repairs
Shoe Aficionado's Pick €500,- get a 5% discount on all repairs and €50,- shopping credit for your next shoe purchase

All vouchers are valid for 1 year.

The Hand offers a no-hassle shoe repairs service for our local clients. You can drop off your shoes* at our Boutique or request a pick-up via +31646963386 (in Amsterdam only). We take care of the rest!

*We accept all premium shoes for this service, including those of makers/brands we do not offer.